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We are dreamers! We are convinced the impossible can be turned into reality. Our aim is to create travel experiences by accessing the most reserved secrets of our country for our clients to get an “insiders” approach to our culture. In our planning, we love to interact with artists, artisans, musicians, actors, cooks, dancers and all those individuals who give a different perspective to the ordinary. That’s our secret… keeping our minds active and inspired to offer unique programs.

We like to think of ourselves as interpreters who process your ideas and put them in motion, supplying international-standard production conditions.

We have acquired considerable knowledge and professional know-how in the design, development, and management of a wide variety of VIP Events.

Dare to dream... Reinvent makes it come true.


Our name comes from the creation of new ideas, from offering unique things with great added value.


We believe that traveling is not visiting places, but living real experiences in new destinations. Our goal is that every minute is a unique and unrepeatable experience.


We are your partner and we are here to help you. For us, there are no problems, but solutions to make your ideas and project unique.


"Everything you do must be done with passion or not at all". Our passion for what we do is invaluable and contagious.

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is mortal"

Paulo Coelho



Oficina moderna

How we work

1. After your contact, we organize a video-call with you to better understand your ideas and goals.

2. We put our team of professionals to work on the design of the program.

3. We offer you a unique and personalized program, created especially for you and your project.

4. We agree on the final program, clear up any doubts or queries, and close the contract.

5. We provide all the necessary support on spot, taking care of the group in every way.

6. Once the trip is over, we make a follow up about satisfaction through surveys

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Get in touch

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