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About Us

Reinvent Travel & Events arose from the fusion of two professionals with vast experience, who for many years enjoyed working together as a team and finally, decided to formalize their bond.

We always feel enthusiastic with each request, as for us, it is not only an opportunity to do business but also to show the world the beauty of our wonderful country.

With over 15 years of experience in the MICE industry, we offer our clients unique proposals full of alternative options to suit any budget, ensuring successful itineraries as well a seamless execution of each event.

Our main goal is to create experiences, generate sensations and achieve indelible emotions that will stay forever in the soul and heart of those who choose us.

Realizing dreams, refining details, turn a vision into a reality, are our commandments to work on each project.

Making Dreams Come True

For many, I worked as Tourist Guide, a profession that has filled me with satisfaction since it allowed me to learn, grow professionally, meet incredible people, and also to travel around the world.

Having daily contact with passengers of all ages and different nationalities, overcoming multiple situations, I’ve achieved expertise that only comes with years of working on this field. Accumulated experience that I currently add on every new project I face, those I take as challenges and I completely focus on with passion, creativity and responsibility, being my only aim to attain a smile and wellbeing sensation on every group or person that trusts and chooses me to make their dreams come true in regards to trips, events and incentives.

Albano Garibaldi Dipaola

Co-Founder & CEO

Turning a Vision into Reality

I started to get involved in tourism at the age of 15, working with my father. This experience not only convinced me to persue that career but I also fell completely in love with it.
In my years in tourism, I have worked in several companies. My biggest experiences were as Product Manager in Grand Circle and as Head of Cruises operations in South American Tours and General Manager in TNM Corp. 

My time in different large companies made me strengthen my experience in groups, incentives, series, congresses, and events, reaching a 7000 people operation in one day.

My personal growth through my work experience, my born creativity, great passion, and dedication to the maximum, made me start this personal project, Reinvent T&E, with Albano Garibaldi Dipaola.

Facundo Ruiz Diaz

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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